Foundation wall cracks pose several questions:


Q - Why do foundation walls crack


A - Because concrete shrinks as it cures during the hydration process, small cracks can develop. That is why you see

cracks in sidewalks, driveways, and highways. They can also develop due to slight movement of the foundation.


Q - How do foundation wall cracks form


A - Most cracks are "V" shaped, as they are about the width of a credit card at the top, and get smaller as they go

down the wall.  While the majority of cracks extend from the sill plate at the top of the wall to the floor, many stop

before they reach the floor.


Q - Where do foundation wall cracks form


A - Many cracks develop at the corner of windows,  from an I-beam, or in the center of a long wall.  It is not unusual

for them to intersect a water, gas, or sewer line penetration.


Q -Is the warranty transferable?


A -Yes. There is no annual fee, no need to notify us of an ownership change, or pay a transfer fee. We track all jobs through the address and not the owner' name.

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     Kellin Inc. 5 Year Warranty   KELLIN, Inc. an Ohio corporation, 2419 Pierson Rd., Oxford, OH 45056, hereby makes the following limited warranty in regards to the patching of the foundation imperfection which is allowing water to infiltrate into the basement at the above location: 1. If within five (5) years of the date of work, water infiltration reoccurs at the same location patched by KELLIN, and such recurrence is caused by defects in materials used by KELLIN, or by the failure of KELLIN to apply the materials in a workmanlike manner, KELLIN shall, at its own expense, re-patch the previously treated area to the extent necessary to prevent further water infiltration. 2. In addition to the provisions of paragraph 1 hereof, in no event shall KELLIN be responsible for any reoccurrence of the infiltration which is caused by additional settling or movement in the foundation or any part thereof. 3. In making repairs under this Limited Warranty, KELLIN shall provide all necessary labor and materials, provided however that KELLIN’s responsibility shall be limited to repairing, re-patching or reinjecting the imperfection originally patched. KELLIN shall NOT be responsible for any costs of gaining access to said section of wall (including but not limited to cost of excavation, damage to landscaping, damage to exterior or interior finishes, damage to other portions of the subject structure, etc.), which shall be the sole responsibility of owner. 4. KELLIN shall not be responsible for any other consequential or incidental damages (including, but not limited to, damage to the structure, its contents or personal injury) incurred by failure of the work to perform as warranted.  If, for any reason, after diligent attempts, KELLIN is unable to eliminate infiltration through patched location, KELLIN will refund the amount originally paid for said repair to builder or individual that ordered and paid for same. The foregoing constitutes the entire obligation of KELLIN. There are no other warranties, express or implied, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose.  Liability is limited to the above. x

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